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 Create Industry-Wide Financial Plans

using Enhanced EPM BI & BW 

Enterprise Performance Management - BI/BW


Scope – PM - Execute – Assess – Implement


Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is at the center of the service offerings of EPS. This is a process of applying information from various data sources to provide business user KPI based tool that enables ease of information processing to improve knowledge for management and reduce the time for the executive decision-making process, intern growth, and profitability in global organizations. It is the strategy EPS believes in, constant strategy assessment and adjustments: setting up a plan, executing it, evaluating the result, adjusting, re-planning and continuing the cycle to build equity value.


EPS focus on increasing productivity and minimize the need for IT involvement in day to day task, EPS Clients have everything they need to meet bottom-up and top-down financial and operational planning requirements, as well as complete consolidation and reporting through a single application and user interface. They will benefit from improved decision making, reduced cycle time, and a minimized need for development and dependency on custom technology.


Business Self- Assessment of Actual Reporting


EPS believes every business has one process in common, Input – Process – Output.  Knowing your business’s past performance is critical to management informed decision-making and planning process, yet the Input – Process – Output of many ERP and GL systems struggle to provide simple reporting capabilities to the business decision makers.


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Consolidations and External Reporting


Expansion of US and other countries regulatory and reporting visibility around the world is creating additional importance on accurate reporting for many growing businesses. Many are still using manual consolidation process outside of the General Ledger structure. Excel spreadsheets, text files, and email to track, adjust, FX, input and report financial activities which span multiple entity & their business units/subsidiaries.


EPS offers services to expedite business closing cycle and establish a company wide audit tracking, which will provide the reduction of risk and error intern restatement of published reporting, or automate consolidating and closing entries and calculations, our team will empower business take the control back using the intellect instead of manual business processes.


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Budgeting and Forecasting


At EPS we believe creating future road map today using current market insight and future market indicators. Industry leaders require accurate and meaningful forward-looking data to help make the right decisions to grow their business. Our team can develop a comprehensive business intelligence strategy starting with your vision and addressing diverse user needs across your enterprise. Budgeting and forecasting processes have become essential key components of Enterprise Performance Management. The effectiveness of the forecasting and planning processes through information management using leading software solution and practices in the market is undeniable.


Over the years EPS has empowered many of our clients to take advantage of budgeting and forecasting software across multiple verticals and size of enterprises. Our clients are needing to convert manual process into the automated implementation of budgeting process or creating rolling forecasting/planning view for better & improved KPI driven analytics, EPS can equip the business with knowledge and IT-driven strategy into reality.


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EPS Structured BI/BW Services


EPS skills and experience allow our client to collect scattered information business intelligence data process into KPI based reports. Our business suited solutions lets our client use their actual data and create market/competitor derived assessments using BI and analysis to build “what if” models and new business strategies for future. 


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