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The SAP/ORACLE Planning software package is among industry leaders in planning, budgeting and controlling systems. The software enables centrist control and supervision of all budgetary planning processes and prognostications


The Planning is a Web-based system, which supports the managing of a decentralized and unified budget. It supplies a comprehensive solution for planning and prognostication for organizations, large or small, with financial and operational needs. This is an event-based system, which allows the organization to organize, document and monitor business planning performance and translate business objectives into operative goals. The system enables planning and budgeting on different levels and cross sections, from the detailed level of the business unit within the guidelines of the organization’s objectives and sectioned by aspects of time, versions, project, product, account, and/or other aspects according to the organization’s focus.

The Planning system supports the administrative process of the human factor by use of the Work Flow mechanism built into the system and a task management (Task List) mechanism. Budget planning can be done in the Targeted Budget (Top Down) method, which means a “target” budget from the “top-down”, or in the bottom-up method – a budget which is built “from the ground up”. The system enables creating an unlimited number of budget modules for different subjects such as human resources planning, investment planning, project planning, cash flow planning and more.


Under Enterprise Business planning solutions are pre-defined systems, supporting assigned planning processes such as:


Workforce Planning


An optional module which enables quick and efficient planning of the organization’s different manpower resources, calculating the base and other data related to manpower and pay characteristics.


Capital Asset Planning


An optional model which enables planning of different types of assets, both existing and new to the organization, including calculations of loss, maintenance, transfers between departments with the option to inquire the effects on cash flow, profits and losses and the company’s balances.


Integrated Operational Planning


A module which enables relating financial management plans and budgets with operational budgets such as: A specified sales budget, for example – based on a priced product catalog, operative production plans, and more – whereas the goal is to create integration, based on operational data, between the management’s budget and the operational budget.


Public Sector Planning and Budgeting

This planning system was developed specifically for budget planning and prognostication for institutes belonging to the public sector.


Advantages of this solution for budget planning, prognostication, and control


  • Providing tools for effective management of the budget process and conducting reviews of the budget through a system which incorporates all of the required data for preparing a budget and company prognostication which serves all of the parties involved in the process and shortens the stages of gathering and analyzing data from the different departments.

  • Defining and implementing uniform methods and processes for all budget units in the organization- this improves management and effective, transparent control over the budget issues in the organization.

  • The system supports the entire administrative process required in decentralized budgetary planning of all those responsible for budgets in the company, including task management.

  • Significantly reducing the amount of manual labor.

  • Significantly shortening the amount of time required for preparing the budget in its entirety, so as to significantly reduce the planning time and the errors the planning process entails.

  • Reducing the manpower required for the process, and regarding the IT- saving in ownership costs (TCO).

  • Detailed supervision on the progress of execution of the plans from the at both single budget unit and at entire company levels.

  • Converging actual results data from all operational and financial systems in the company to company/division/organizational unit/customer/product (or product line)/period level.

  • An option to produce relevant administrative reports to be used by the management and for current administrative needs.


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