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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has become one of mainstream practices in enterprise software development. However, the adoption of SOA has been shaped by tools offered by software vendors whose interest is "to emphasize the complexity of SOA and then provide a timely and profitable solution.” As a result, decisions of many SOA architects have been driven by technological considerations instead of focusing on mapping and modeling core business scenarios, which is the essence of the SOA approach.

EPSR will review and enable the current business to take advantages of the gaps in the process while implementing revenue growth.

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Our Methodology


Our methodology is a proven approach between Business and IT utilizing all type of project management. Though we follow the various methodology for our implementations, we consistently recommend creating a proof of concept (POC) and prototyping of EPS solutions and key design decisions during the blueprint phase and after Client is aware of project needs and prepares for project.



Onsite Model


This model is suited when the EPS team needs to be in close contact with the client's functional team.


This model is well suited when there is a need to have constant and continuous interactions. Historically in an EPM project implementation, the blueprint phase would fall into this category.


We also recommend this model due to the quality of the resources available onsite for the overall success of the project and to reduce total cost of ownership.



Offsite Model


We only recommend or offer such services during the IT implementation phase of our project. We simply believe that it is cost effective for our clients where the IT teams can work remote and still provide high-level value to our clients. We have delivered and offered support services offsite to all of our clients.



We offer IT system support either by onsite staff or via offsite staff who are skilled in the product.


We can tailor our support structure around the agreed SLA. We have various offerings for different levels of approved service level agreement (SLA). We also can provide a hybrid model of onsite and offsite support.


Our Most Popular support Models.


1 - Platinum:- 24/7 production support for open items.


2 - Gold:- 24 hours turn around for open items.


3 - Silver:- 48 hours turn around for open items.

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